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I’m Chloe and I’m a mama, world adventurer, life long learner and …

I’m an empowered mama coach that supports mamas to re-ignite their spark and embrace motherhood and their feminine essence each and every day.

Our whole world changes when we have kids and now we are dancing with the uncertainty of who we are, what is important to us and what it is that we truly desire in this lifetime. And that’s where I come in –

I’m here to inspire, support and encourage mamas to embrace a way of motherhood that works for them. Trusting their intuition and living life with love, joy and abundance.

It’s time to stop putting ourselves last and thinking that this is helping our families. Our energy is sacred and when we nourish ourselves, our energy and our desires we become the divine spark that empowers our families and the world.

This is not a parenting website, I’m not parenting expert – I’m just a mama living my life the best way I know how in this present moment and I love to support other mamas who want do the same.

Through my continuous learning, growth and dancing with the flow of life, I’m hoping this space is a chance for us to connect, embrace and re-ignite the spark that is within each of us.

When we allow ourselves to sparkle , we also allow others to sparkle!

Keep shining beautiful and be sure to check out my blog for some great info on all things embracing motherhood!